Home Buying FAQs


Deciding on a new home builder, community, or even where to begin can be a challenge. Use these FAQs to help inform you and make searching a little easier.

  • What’s the first step in buying a new home build or custom home build?

The best first step you can take is getting pre-approved for a loan through your lender. Making a financial plan and a list/plan for what is important in your new home or new community will help guide you through this journey.

  • How do I pick a new home community?

Deciding which area of town to look in based on schools, work, church, etc can help narrow down which new home community can work for you. Then visiting the communities and comparing features and accessibility will help you in your decision process. View all our communities to compare here

  • How do I pick a builder?

If you have decided on a new home community, you may have a smaller selection of builder to choose from otherwise comparing the features they offer in their homes, financing and availability for your project can help guide you. View all our new home builders here.

  • How many homes and communities should I view?

Depends. Sometimes all you need to visit is that one you have seen online and you will know, but most people will want to visit several options and compare their features. There is no rush in making this decision, take your time and be thorough.

  • How long will the process take?

For a move-in ready new build home the buying process can take from 30 to 90 days on average depending on your lender and builder. Custom construction would add 3 to 12 months depending on the custom design and scale of your new home and the availability of the builder to get started on your project.

  • Should I use an agent for a new build home buy?

While you don’t need an agent to buy a new home, and agent can be very helpful in guiding you through the buying process and taking the work out of finding the best options for builders and communities. 

  • What are the fees associated with a new build home?

If you use an agent, the standard commision fees are 6%. 

  • How do I find a lender?

Starting with your bank is the best first option since they know you and your financial history. There are government and private lenders available to get a loan quote from and most builders will have some financial assistance and guidance on the lenders they work with.